8 Weird Things Girls Do In Hostel


What goes inside a girls’ hostel? Has this question bothered you as well? And have you been searching for the answers? Say no more. Girls in a hostel have their own share of fights, frights and fun, except that the fun is maximum. Here are 22 things that inevitably happen in all-girls’ hostels:

1. Major selfie-taking sessions

Single or groupies…taking the perfect selfie just takes major time of the day.

2. Watch everything possible on your laptop over and over again

Let it be movies, series, talk shows, dance shows, award ceremonies in every language possible!!

3. Cat fights?..well we just don’t agree on a few things

4. Major dance sessions in your room!

5. Jamming sessions in the bathroom

6. Trying on clothes

And one thing about girls that live in hostel…they are no more shy to change in front of other girls.

7. Bitch about how bitchy that other bitch is

8. Running to each other’s rooms for clothes in the morning coz “I’ve nothing to wear”!!