perfect shot

check the perfect timings of these shots taken :

dirt car

Our sympathy for the next 2 seconds for those two ladies in the above shot 😛

face boy

Are you serious? Baby with these huge legs? :O Ok, check the pic again closely and you will get it  😀

public place

Its all about timings of that perfect click, rest you know, what I mean. By the way, uncle seems really relaxing  😀


Beaches are really good to enjoy surfing and sunbathe but winds are much stronger near ocean. And you better keep this in mind while choosing your dress next time. 😀

missing face

WTF, where is the head of this amazing gymnast? :-O Don’t clap, just praise the creativity of the person holding the camera at this precise moment of click. 😉

drop kick

The two beautiful ladies having interesting WWE onversation have no fukcing idea what is going to hit them the very next second, and we got out perfect click. 😉

into kouth Catch it, catch it, its tasty, you are hungry, and the most important reason, you’ll love to have both the worlds: the taste of your roll and to look at this crisp perfect click of the moment. 🙂


Do you know, dogs have an excellent sense of smell. No, nothing about the above click. Just improving you general awareness about these most loyal pet, dogs 😉 😉

Hop you liked our compilation of these perfect clicks.