I hope there is no one who doesn’t know “Mia Khalifa”, Right? Every second person dreams of her and we appreciate her dedications for whatever she does for the living. She has a huge fan following on social networks like Instagram, Facebook etc.

Former P_** star Mia Khalifa now once again trending the web. She has definitely found the love of her life finally. Her boyfriend “Robert Sandberg” is a Swedish Chef by occupation and he’s really obsessed with inking himself.

Earlier, Mia used to post pictures of modeling for different fashion magazines on her Instagram account but these days it’s all about Robert and her relationship. Even Mia Khalifa’s Instagram feed is now filled with the posts and videos of her with her boyfriend.

Mia Khalifa’s boyfriend also took to his social media and shared a wonderful picture of them both with a caption that was screaming love, here, have a look at the picture:

She will soon be moving to her boyfriend’s country. I guess they are having a good time together. God bless them with huge success and happiness.

Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg sat down for him to do her makeup, and the result and process was nothing short of a catastrophe.