10 Hot Popular Bollywood Divas Who Were Caught Red Handed in The Pro$titution


Public is highly influenced by their ideal Bollywood actors or actress. Yet, being an on-screen character isn’t that simple as we all think. Amid their battle period, they also need to make messy bargains to snatch some lucrative roles in movies and notwithstanding when they become well known in the business, they also need to experience numerous difficulties. At some point when their glamorous looking profession takes a secondary lounge, they do revolting things to survive in the industry. There have been numerous on-screen characters in our Hindi Bollywood industry who have took way to prostitution in order to survive. Here, is a list of a few of those stars who were caught in prostitution embarrassments.

1. Shweta Prasad Basu

shweta prasad basu

This is well known TV star as well as of Bollywood, Shweta Prasad Basu picked prostitution with the end goal just in order to survive. In 2014,  she was captured in the Hyderabad for her supposed inclusion in a criminal prostitution racket. She tried to escape from claiming every allegations and then later, session courts of the Hyderabad city pulled back all prostitution charges against her.

2. Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra

This super hot ‘Kamasutra’ actor stood out as really newsworthy when she opened up about her inclusion in one of the sex racket for money.

3. Mishti Mukherjee


‘Life Ki To Lag Gayi’ fame actor, Mishti Mukherjee was caputured in charges of running a sex racket. She herself doing the business of the meat export. Police seized 25,000 pornography CD’s value Rs 2 lakh during a raid at her flat. She precluded from securing every charges and professed to be guiltless.

4. Yamuna


Yamuna is an astounding notable performing artist in the famous Kannada film industry who was once charged for enjoying the illicit demonstration. She was captured in the year 2011 for prostitution in ITC Royal Gardenia inn in the Bangalore city.

5. Bhuvaneswari


Bhuvaneswari is a popular name in the south film industry who got her name on this rundown. She  was captured numerous years back for her associated with a rumored sex racket in the Chennai. Afterward, she was absolved everything being equal.

6. Saira Banu


The famous well known Telugu film on-screen character was caught in an act with a few clients in the year 2010. She was captured with seven other ladies when police attacked Spring Heaven Apartments in Begumpet in the Hyderabad city.

7. Aish Ansari

aish ansari

The famous Tamil artist, Aish Ansari is another actress who was captured from the city Jaipur in year 2011 for her contribution in the prostitution racket.

8. Neetu Agaarwal

Neetu Agaarwal

This hot Telugu actress was captured by Andhra Pradesh police for her inclusion in carrying of red sanders. Seems her beau Mastan Vali was likewise a red sanders dealer? – According to unconfirmed-sources

9. Divya Sri

Divya Sri

The little time Telugu actress was captured for her inclusion in a sex racket as she was found in a compromising position enjoying the illegal prostitution. She was captured with some different models and even local performing artists.

10. Caroline Mariya Asan

Caroline Mariya Asan

This Tamil on-screen character was captured back in the year 2012 for being associated with one of the prostitution racket. The police assaulted a five star lodging where she was caught red handed in the act of illicit demonstration.