Do you guys remember the cute, sweet little girl we use to see in theaters just before any movie? Yes, exactly, in the no-smoking ad where a father is seen to smoke in front of her daughter and then she gives a very innocent look to his father that compelled him to go out and quit the smoking. Anyway, now that little cute girl has grown into a full hottie and trying her chances in modelling as well as Bollywood. Check her few pics below we got for you ..

Her Name is Simran Natekar and she is the latest sensation in the modelling world :

She is now 19 years old young teenager. Simran Natekar born in Mumbai in 2002, and started acting by the age of 7 year as young girl in the famous No Smoking Ad awareness campaign which till today is shown in Indian Film Theaters and also television. She is quite famous asĀ No Smoking Ad Girl Simran Natekar.
Apart from her famous No Smoking ad, Simran has also been spotted in the Dominos, Kellogg, Yakut, Videocon, Clinic Plus, Barbie Toys & even many other brand advertisements. Simran has done more than 150 advertisements till date.

Doesn’t she looks gorgeous? What you think ..

Check her one of the favorite “ethnic” outfit she loves to wear :