Top 10 Hottest Politicians In The World ! You’ll Hardly Believe They Are Politician

Any nation’s media, party members all enjoys it when there politics contains hot politicians. That too becomes more enjoyable when and if it is embraced by hot & beautiful female politicians. It is now not of surprise that women are equally part of number of nations politics, a profession where young minds are now taking the charge to power the development of entire nations. Today, we will check variety of female politicians ranked according to their beauty, glamorous figure, ethnicity and culture.

Scroll to check out list of top 10 attractive female politicians around the world politics:

10. Eva Kaili – Greek Politician


Eva Kaili is of Greek origin and stands one of of the hottest politician in our list. Her profession was was a former TV presenter and anchor in Mega Channel. She became Member of European Parliament in 2014 representing Panhellenic Socialist Movement. This Greek beauty, Eva Kaili is an undergraduate from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

9. Magdalena Ogorek – Polish Politician


Magdalena Ogorek is a gem from Poland, one of the top most beautiful politician. In the year 2015, Ogorek as a member of Democratic Left Alliance declared her candidacy for Polish presidential election. She holds master’s degree in history from University of Opole and is also a lecturer. She started politics in year 2004 when she was employed as a clerk in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

8. Fiorella Ceccacci Rubino – Italian Politician


Fiorella Ceccacci Rubino is one more gorgeous Italian actress cum politician. Her political career bagain in 2006 after becoming the candidate of Froza Italia. In year 2008, she became part of political party People of Freedom.

7. Olga Lyulchak – Ukrainian Politician


Olga Lyulchak is another beautiful and hot politician. She gone viral in headlines after her private photos went viral online. This glamorous politician laughed away at those leaked images saying they were just her form of art.

6. Nicole Minetti – Italian Politician


Nicole Minetti is one of the most glamorous Italian politician, fashion model & also television personality. She was Regional Councillor of PDL during 2010 elections. She holds undergraduate degree in dental hygiene from Vita-Salute San Raffaele University. So, we can technically conclude her as a nurse.

5. Vanja Hadzovic – Serbian Politician


A Serbian politician is also famous for her beauty = Vanja Hadzovic. She is serving as an adviser of Serbia’s Foreign Ministry. Her explicit photos went viral on social media that sparked controversies. Even after this scandalous event of her private photos going viral, she seems to work hard and is very passionate towards her goals.

4. Irina Berezhna – Ukrainian Politician


Irina Berezhna is a beautiful Ukrainian politician. She is also member of Party of Regions since back October 2007. She have been former People’s Deputy of Ukraine. She got awarded of all-Ukraine prize “Woman of 3rd Millennium”.

3. Maria Kozhevnikova – Russian Politician


Maria Kozhevnikova became hottest politician of Russia in 2011, stated by a voting poll. She is a Russian actress & politician. She have been part of many movies and television series before joining politics. Her beauty is no surprise, as we all know why RUSSIA is famous for 😉

2. Maria Rosaria “Mara” Carfagna – Italian Politician


Maria Carfagna is an Italian politician. She has been a former showgirl and model. She took away number one spot on Maxim‘s list of “World’s Hottest Politicians” . Even got named as “most beautiful minister in world”. Carfagna was quite active for several years as showgirl on television & into modeling. In 2006, she became Chamber of Deputies for Froza Italia party.

1. Nikita Klæstrup – Dansih Politician


Nikita Klæstrup stands world’s hottest politician in our list, for her beauty. She got amazingly fit body & the blazing fashion sense. She showcases this during events and photo-shoots. She is not only a Danish politician, but also reality T.V. star & fashion model who became member of Liberal Alliance. In 2015, at University of Copenhagen’s 110-year anniversary gala, she caused media sensation Throughout the world by wearing a provocative dress. She became most Googled Danish politician, the same year. Just google out, i case you wish to more glamorous photos of her 😉