Men love every aspect of women, even some pretty accident that happens to women due to their own carelessness.

The incident that every woman probably hate because they are shameful for them, but for men (obviously, not all of them) they are a perfect excuse to get some desired eye candy.

This post is all about these kinds of accident. So, without wasting any more time let’s get straight through this list.

Th0ng Being Noticed

The th0ng maybe just a piece of clothing for women, but for men, it is a lot more. While working out at the gym or at the time of riding a bike etc are some of the very common activity when a woman is under high risk of her th0ng being noticed by peeking Toms.

Their Cle*vage

It’s in man nature to get attracted towards crafty feature of a woman. That’s why man find female cle*vage very pleasing.

The Exposed N*ppl*s

There will be no surprise if you find a man twitting in support of woman’s #freethen*ppl*s movement to stop wearing the bra. Because this is what a man wants to see- ‘all woman roaming without a bra’.

Celebrities Leading the Charge

Many celebs have become part of the free the nipple campaign with many prominent names leading the charge. Some of the most loved celebs parts of this venture are Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian.

Women Drenched in Water

The weather really has no pattern these days. You can never predict when a hot day can turn into a rainy one. Women may come out in light colored clothes and may have to look for shelter with water pouring down. What men get to see in this chain of events is a woman all drenched in water.

Separate the Br*#sts with a Bag – OR THE SEAT BELT EFFECT

Some time carrying satchel can be annoying for a woman because even after her best efforts, its handle can run down between her bra and pronouncing their br*#sts. This might be annoying for a woman but it is a delight that catches every eyeball.

Showing the Bra

Wearing clothes that are barely there and showing the bra underneath is a trend that is considered no more as an accident. What this has meant for eager-eyed men is that they get to see the curves on a woman without having to do a lot.