11 Bizarre n Weird World Records You Would Never Want To Beat

To own a world record is a very big deal in itself. It is pretty cool to have your name at top of a list knowing no one is better than you in something. But do you know there are world records that you wouldn’t want to ever beat? Yes, exactly. They are either so gross or so bizarre that people just want to leave the way these records are. From surviving most lightning strikes to getting kicked on groin, these are 12 bizarre world records you would definitely say no to.

1. Farthest Milk Squirting Using Eyes


Ilker Yelmaz squirted mill from his eyes at a unbelievable distance of 279.5 cm. He sucked the milk from nose before squirting it.

2. Longest Sword Swallowed


Natasha Veruschka has a world record to swallow down the longest sword that measured 53 cm.

3. Largest Kidney Stone


In 2004, Vilas Ghuge had a stone removed from his kidney that turned into a famous world record. The stone measured roughly 13 cm wide.

4. Largest Object Removed From Human Skull


Michael Hill holds a bizarre record for largest object to have removed from any human skull. He was stabbed in his head with 20 cm long survival knife which was later operated & removed. Hill survived this attack but was left with memory loss and brain seizures.

5. Most Rotations Hanging From A Power Drill


Can you rotate on a power drill? Never? Well, Huy Giang can, & he rotated straight 148 times to turn make this a world record.

6. Most Bones Broken In A Lifetime


This is certainly not a thing to brag about. But this American bike stunt performer Evel Knievel had 433 bone fractures in his entire lifetime. 433, that’s freaking inhuman!!

7. Most Feet And Armpit Sniffed


With people barely surviving their own feet smell, Madeline Albrecht sniffed around 5,600 feet & an indeterminate number of armpits. Gosh, why do people have to be so weird?

8. Most Failed Driving Tests


You may be cool, but you can’t be cooler than South Korean woman who became a national celebrity when she finally got her driving license on her 960th try. Beat that now!

9. Hardest Kick To The Groin


The hardest kick survived on the groin was delivered by an American MMA fighter Justice Smith and was weathered by Roy Kirby. The kick had a force of around 500 kg.

10. Longest Ear Hair

ear hair

Indian grocer Radhakant Bajpai has his name in Guinness world records for having longest ear hair measuring 25 cm. He believes his long ear follicles are a symbol of good luck & therefore has no intention of trimming it.

11. Most Rattlesnakes Held In Mouth By Their Tales


Texas snake-man Jackie Bibby held 13 rattlesnakes by their tales in front of live audience. The previous record of holding 10 snakes also belonged to him. He has been bitten a total of 11 times and the 11th bite cost Bibby his leg.