One thing is for sure; if you’re a regular follower of gorgeous mom Kylie Jenner then you will be agree with me that she never did anything without reason. You also have noticed the vague arm raise in her almost all the picture. Recently she started gaining a lot of attention from everyone for all of her picture with a raised arm. Is it her signature pose? Or it is just a coincident? Or is there any other reason behind this? Let’s find out.

The raising of arm isn’t a new trend for Kylie.

Since the day she made her presence on Instagram, Kylie’s followers have been seeing her raising her arm.

But, why does she do it?

The new mom and makeup mogul has a very reasonable explanation for this vague arm raise in her photos which many of her fans are not aware of until now.

This arm raise pose allows her to add awesomeness to the pictures.

Kylie shares pictures of her while doing makeup or having fun with friends, but the arm is always up because she makes sure that it is in that way. But, there’s one more secret that we would like to share.

Kylie’s impeccable use of shadows in her pictures.

Kylie is known for using shadows around her to make her photos look better. Now, you may be wondering how can shadows make your photos better?

Kylie’s got a thing for weird lighting.

If you manage to catch her around some shadows or lightings, her social media accounts are going to be blown up.

Like, in this picture.

It’s probably just a casual pose, but the surroundings make it better.

Kylie knows how to make it work.

She’s no stranger to taking wonderful pictures. Kylie has learned to use her surroundings and shadows are her friends.

She loves when random shadows cross her face.

There are only a few stars who are able to use surroundings in such a brilliant manner.

She’s beautiful in every lighting.

No matter what the surroundings are, Kylie still manages to look ravishing in all her pictures.