Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Things They Have Seen During Their Job.!

Craziest things can happen inside a hotel. Let’s go through some of strangest things that hotel workers have experienced, as they took their time to reveal them. These employees caught themselves in a few weirdest circumstances that you could imagine.

So, without let’s further ado, let’s find out about those craziest things that hotel workers have experienced.

Craziest Things That Hotel Workers Have Seen

1. Hidden Friend


An employee reveals about a guest that stayed for single night every week in their hotel, and he always requested his same room. Hotel workers suspected that he was hiding drugs, so got the room checked. In reality, he was just hiding a blow-up doll.

2. Salad Fetish

salad fetish

The owner of a bed & breakfast hotel reveals about finding an old battered notebook with “Why I Love Salad” written on front. There were around 70 pages in the notebook explaining why salad is amazing. There were also occasional parts explaining how author believed the salad to be alive in some sense.

3. Pussy Everywhere


A guest left all her cats with a $100 tip & a note thanking them for taking care of those cats, and that she’ll be back in a week. She never returned to the hotel, ever again.

4. Pregnancy Problems


Another employee reveals a crazy story that happened in hotel. A guy found out that his wife’s pregnant with some another guy’s child, so in anger, he threw the TV out of window.

5. Swingers Party


A receptionist reveals about a swingers group that stayed in their hotel for a few nights. This group had a rave, happening on second floor. Naked people were everywhere due to it, which made the guests complain, and children scared. Families could even hear the sound of constant f**king

6. Needles on Needles


A front desk agent confesses about, hotel housekeepers finding a giant jug of lube, a 2 headed black dildo, and a variety of bloody needles in room.

7. The Pizza Box

A former hotel security person reveals about finding a pizza box on floor of an elevator. Some sensation & sounds were coming from box, so he decided to open it. As he opened it, he saw two huge toads studded with dozens of toothpicks.

8. Mayo Obsession


A friend of a temp cleaner in hotel, reveals about residents in the hotel covering the floor & mirrors in the bathroom with mayonnaise.

9. Total Overdose

A worker confesses about finding a dead woman in their hotel room. Woman was anorexic and had an overdose of laxatives.

10. Abraham Lincoln Goat


A hotel cleaner reveals about finding a goat dressed as Abraham Lincoln as she entered in the room.

Did these craziest stories by hotel workers creep you out? Well, i think, of course they did. 🙂