Being curvy while maintaining an incredibly small waist is no easy feat – which may be why our today’s Instagram sensation has such a large following.

This Instagram model is Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa. She is 19 years old and has an amazing body figure. The Kylie Jenner look-alike model has amassed millions of followers with her tremendously perfect figure and these numbers are still growing every day.

She works out her glutes, and has the derrière to show for it – but what’s the most hypnotizing is the small waist that accompanies her perfect body figure. Scroll through the photos and see for yourself!

‘Amazing’…would probably the first word that will come to your mind after viewing these pics.

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa has an amazing body that makes some men go crazy.

She attended the Barbizon Modeling and Acting School and has been represented by the South West Modeling agency before gaining fame on social media.

Fitness model became overnight sensation after one of her video went viral.

Jailyne has over 7.4 fans on Instagram and over 380K followers on Twitter.

She has done promotion work for various night clubs in Arizona.

She also appeared in several commercials and music videos.

She was featured in the music video for the Alfredo Olivas song “Tus Lagrimas.”

She clearly has a great style.

One would surely need one to be a Instagram sensation.

The 19-year-old even has her own app where she posts exclusive content daily.

After becoming Instagram star, she now have multiple modeling contracts.

Haters also accused her for photoshopping her pics to enahnce her back.

….but, dear haters, her butts are real. In an interview with Lilian Griego on her show Y Ahora Quien Sigue, the host “confirmed” that Jailyne’s butt is real.

Like the Kardashians, the brunette beauty often promotes health products through her Instagram page.

Most common of these health product is Tea for Flat Tummy .

She also loves animals, as evidenced by her many photos and videos posing with the animals.

She has one of the hottest Instagram account.

She update her Insta account daily.

Go follow her on Insta. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

She also promote video and pics for other models.

She is often compared with Kim Kardashian for her amazing back.

Basically, the lesson here is that it pays to have a big butt!