With the invention of a little thing called the cell phone, there’s actually no reason to wait and watch your evening news. But if your weather forecast girl is gorgeous, then there is no harm in checking out them. And with that being said, welcome to our list of 10 hottest weather girls on earth.

Number 10: Vania Manzano

Thank God for Instagram, as this TV Azteca Jalisco’s weather girl, loves to share amazing pics on her IG. Vania is from Mexico.

Number 9: Jackie Johnson

Brains and beauty for this L.A. weather girl as Jackie has a degree in broadcast journalism and meteorology.

And she gots to play herself as a News Anchor in Battleship, NCIS, and Las Vegas.

Number 8: Sonya Hill

Corpus Christi Texas weather girl Sonya loves the outdoors. She even competed in swimsuit USA international in Mexico. Even though she may not have won the competition, she won the hearts of viewers throughout the state of Texas.

Number 7: Leticia Castro

This weather girl at ABC10 in Sacramento gives the folks a much needed smile. Leticia also co-hosted Lucha Libre USA and had guest appearances on MTV 2 and MTV 3.

Number 6: Evelyn Taft

Evelyn is giving Jackie Johnson a run for her money as she has taken the crown for the hottest LA weather girl.

Number 5: Mayte Carranco

If you’re planning on learning Spanish this summer maybe it would be best to watch all the Mayte’s weather forecasts.

Number 4: Sheena Parveen

Sheen took Washington DC WRC-TV station by storm. Sheena is so amazingly beautiful that she even made a guest appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Number 3: Lluvia Carrillo

Another Mexican weather girl who is amazingly gorgeous. Her first name literally translates to Rain so it’s a perfect fit for her to tell people of Mexico about the weather.

Go ahead and follow her on Instagram. I bet you won’t regret.

Number 2: Sugey Abrego

This charming lady has certainly gained lots of bad attention after she went through an awful mishappening on live TV a few years back. She became a sensation overnight all over the internet.

Number 1: Yanet Garcia

As our number one hottest weather girl on planet Earth, Yanet posts to Instagram all her amazing photos. She’s certainly one of the best examples of a super hot weather girl whose smile can totally melt any guy’s heart away.