Women are way too conscious of the way they dress. They have right kind of dress sense and know what to wear and what not. You have often seen them shopping for long hours just to get some right kind of dress. And moreover the best part is, ladies know what would look good on them. But they also often make mistakes when it comes to underwear. These mistakes maybe subtle but women should totally remember to avoid them. At times fashion takes over comfort & they end up buying things which will make them feel completely uncomfortable, that must be avoided.

Here are those underwear mistakes that all women should avoid to look good & feel comfortable!

1. Women often use to wear black bras under white clothes, avoid it. However, you can go for black bras only if wearing a white coat.


2. It is very important to choose right kind of material. Try to get breathable fabric. Avoid using anything new or uncomfortable in the name of fashion.


3. For women who spend most of their time outdoors, avoid black underwear. As black absorbs more heat, it may even give you chances of falling in cancer.


4. One of biggest mistakes women do is that they wear a bra with a backless dress, do not ever do it. You wouldn’t want to make your dress look bad, correct? So try to get a skin color underwear. 


5. Get only those kind of panties whose lines are not always visible.


6. Just to make their b_ust look tight, some women tend to wear tight cups. Do not do it, it is not correct.6

7. Try to avoid tight push-ups bras as much as you can. As the straps of such tight underwear may give leave cut line on shoulders. Go for strapless or better convertible bras at times. 


8. It is important to know your size. Anything small or big will surely feel you uncomfortable. 


9. For those who just want to wear transparent dresses, try to use skin colored underwear. Avoid any other color. This is one of biggest mistakes women make.9

10. This might surely sound weird, but try to sleep sans the underwear as wearing them throughout day would make your body suffocate.

11. There are proper underwears for different proper occasions, know them. Do not use your regular ones while working out.


12. The trend of shapewear is taking over our world. Though good, women should not wear these often. It is not good for health.