Have you ever had a really crappy day? Just, like, it wouldn’t stop being the worst? Just one thing after the other?

I have been there. We all have. The worst part? There’s nothing we can do about it.

No matter how bad a day I have had, it has been nowhere near as bad as what these people are dealing with.

If people ask you why you don’t want to have kids just show them this picture.

Never sleep outside with cereal guys.

Poor little girl.

Someone was trying to get out of their house in a fun, unique way.

Girls Falls off Balcony

Some time it may rain even with a clear sky. Weird!

She got her head stuck in between bus stand railing.

Such a romantic photo turn out to be a complete fail.

This is what happen to you when you are having a bad luck.

See this can also happen to you if you try to put all eggs in one basket.

Anyone who has felt the unfair wrath of an innocent dog.

Someone surely going to get late.