Muscle dysmorphia or also known as bigorexia (opposite of anorexia) is condition that’s becoming more common today among men. It’s the belief that one’s muscles can never be big enough. Some of the symptoms of this bigorexia are as follows:

  • Constantly checking yourself out in mirrors
  • Eating disorder
  • Constantly comparing yourself with others
  • Using anabolic steroids or other drugs
  • Worrying over body fat

Sufferers not only subject their body to an extreme exercise & diet, they also participate in risky procedures that can sometimes be fatal. The following 11 bodybuilding enthusiasts without a doubt took things way too far sacrificing their health &, for some, even their lives. Check out =>

#1. 32-year-old Danny Davidson is personal trainer from Essex. He drinks 100 ml of human milk daily and prefers to let it sit until the consistency becomes thick. He considers it as best way to build muscles because this milk contains growth hormones. While their method seems to be working for him, his wife Debbie doesn’t really approve.


#2. Robert Forstemann AKA Quadzilla, is German bodybuilding enthusiast & professional sprint cyclist and possibly has biggest quads in the world.


#3. Markus Rahul possibly has one of the biggest shoulders in the world. He’s from Germany & is a former IFBB professional. He’s considered one of the strongest body builders in the world. From just age of 18 he started training 6 days a week.


#4. Arlindo De Souza injects himself with an alcohol to make himself bigger. He risks infection by doing this. He even lost one of his friend to this method.


#5. Ronnie Coleman won Mr. Olympia record eight times in a row. He’s known as greatest bodybuilder of all time. He’s had four spinal surgeries and a double hip replacement and he’s only 51 years old.


#6. Andreas Munzer had only 0% body fat and he eventually died from multiple organ failure.


#7. Mustafa Ismail, Egyptian body builder, has world’s biggest biceps at 31 inches. He eats seven pounds of protein daily and drinks three gallons of water. He can lift 600 pounds!


#8. Oli Cooney never stops working out or taking supplements. By age of 20, he’d already suffered two heart attacks & three strokes. He began bodybuilding just at age of 16. Tragically, while running for a taxi one day, he collapsed & died.