We all have heard ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ That’s a completely true statement and almost all of us believe it, but scientists believe model and TV personality, Kelly Brook is world’s most perfect figure.

According to a research conducted few year backs, scientists concluded that Kelly Brook has the “perfect figure”. She has been top of this list since then. Researchers at the University of Texas again run a similar test and came out with the similar results. Let’s know more about Kelly Brook and her career.

It’s official: Kelly Brook was the world’s most perfect woman till 2016, according to scientists.

According to scientific research, Kelly’s has all the properties which are needed to call her the world’s most perfect woman.

She Is A Succesful Model And TV Personality.

Kelly has been doing modelling since she was 16. She has been in modelling for almost 21 years. Kelly’s modelling career started after she participated in a beauty contest on her mother’s advice. She was not able to win that title but this content open doors for success.

She Has Been In The List Of ‘100 Sxiest Women’ Since Last 20 Years.

2005 had to best year for Kelly Brook. She secured the first place in FHM Magazine’s list of ‘100 Sexiest Women In The World.’ Kelly is on this list since 1998. She get 34th, 67th and 7th position in that list in 2008, 2009 and in 2010 respectively.

She Has Been Ruling Heasr Since 1997.

Kelly started her TV career in 1997. That TV show was not that successful, but Kelly was able to win millions of hearts because of her beautiful face and perfect figure.

In 2000 Kelly First Tried Her Luck In Movie.

She started her movie career with a small role in movie ‘Sorted’. Her second movie was ‘School of Sadness’. These movies doesn’t go well.

In 2010 movie ‘Piranha 3D’ was released. This turned out to be most successful movie for Kelly.