It’s not bad to have myths every time but not with your hairs or beauty. Every girl dreams of long and thick hair and to maintain it. But several myths doing the rounds prevent you from achieving them. Well, we’re here to break some of the most prevalent myths that even you were believing.

1. Losing too much hair is bad

This myth was prevalent for such a long time, that it was thought to be true. But scientifically, losing hair is a natural process as due to follicle changes, we lose 100-150 hairs every day.

2. Products that enhance hair growth

Well, that’s a hell lot of a lie. Nothing from the outside can help you enhance your hair growth that is from the inside. You can just protect your hair from dust and pollution or clean it up using these products.

3. Both shampoo and conditioner should be applied to the entire length of hair

Well, the twist in this myth is that the conditioner’s, unlike shampoos, are needed to be applied more on the entire hair except for the roots because they are used to provide shine and smoothness.

4. Trimming hair at the tips enhances growth


Another delusional lie. How can it ever help in the growth of hair when growth takes place from the roots and not from the tips. It is merely a way to reduce split ends.

5. Ponytails and buns enhance hair fall

A partial truth that counts as a myth. It happens only if you get a little harsh on it. It then weakens the roots and causes hair fall.

6. There is a difference between a man and a woman’s hair

Well, this counts for a ” tell me why” type of question. It’s just that a woman takes care of her hair much better than a man. There is nothing by birth or genetic reason to it.