Any celebrity event, concert, function carries a lot of exciting happenings like singing, speech, dance, ramp-walk, etc. Its not easy to handle such a massive audience in front of you. Though, celebrities are habitual of this and they know how to handle the nervousness. Still, we got to see many un-expected moments on stage. Sometimes these become worst moments of the concerned celebrities but sometimes they seems funny too.

Obviously, if you would have been in place of “PITBULL” (American rapper, not dog breed, you stupid) you would surely feel awkward getting full size boner on stage while giving a power-packed performance.

So, today we have compiled a few similar moments of the national/international celebrities on stage, that will be in their mind entire life. And you would find interesting to watch them while having your coffee. 😉

So , continue to watch the video below to check worst moments on stage :