Well, we all are special. Everyone has no special status either. Despite this, there are many people in the world that are extraordinary. These are those people who look different in the crowd too. Like ‘Hulk’ of Hollywood films Although he is a film character if you find someone to really see?

Today we have brought some information related to such people to you. Well, tell you that this is not a man but a woman. Yes yes You heard it right Such women who have been dying from their strange body

# Anastasiya Shpagina

If you want to see an animated movie character in reality then Anastasiya can fulfill your dream. From Anastasiya’s hair to face and eyes is like any dollar. This doll from Ukraine makes half an hour for the makeup of one eye. Anastasiya also took the surgery to make her eyes animated.

# Chanel Tapper

Chanel is from California. His name is the world record of being the longest tongue. Chanel’s tongue length is about 3.8 inches. Chanel’s tongue length is twice the length of the tongue.

# Natalia Kuznetsova

Natalia is the Russian Power Lifter. Natalia started bodybuilding at the age of 14. Then their weight was less than 40 kg. Today, the 26-year-old Natalia has weighed 90 kg. Natalia has won several titles. He has many records in his name.

# Lauren Williams

Lauren is from the US. His name is the record of being the longest foot in America. Swimmer and Model Lauren’s legs are only about 4 feet 1 inches long. Their total height is 6 “4”.

# Pixee Fox

All childhood dreams of becoming Barbie dolls in childhood. But this Mohmatarma took some more serials to this dream. Pixee is a glamor model. Over 200 surgeries have been done. This model has spent £ 5,00,000 on its surgery. Pixee’s waist is just 16 inches.

# Bethany Hamilton

Bethany is American Professional Surfer. In 2003 Bethany was attacked by a shark His life survived in this attack, but he lost his left hand. Regardless, its brave Bethany returned after a while again to the world of surfing. A movie called Soul Surfer is also made on his life.

# Zlata

You can call Zlata the world’s most flexible woman. This quality of Zlata was first noticed by one of his teachers at the age of 4. Zlata has been a gymnast for many years. After this, he went to Germany and started working as nuts.

# Abby and Brittany Hensel

America’s Abby and Brittany are two twins whose heads are different but the trunk is connected. Some of these limbs are double. In 2012, he made his own TV reality show series’ Abby.