How To Build Bigger Arms And Strong Biceps At Gym?

Biceps are the most impressive part of a perfect body. They not just make your body look attractive but also add a lot to your personality. Girls also find bigger biceps more attractive.

For a professional bodybuilder or just someone who would like to look great on the beach or just a regular college student who want to impress girls, bigger and well-formed arms and biceps is a must. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best tips and exercises currently available for training arms.

These are the various Exercises for beginners. Let’s check best of them:


This exercise mainly focuses all the force of lifting weight to the biceps’ long head i.e the lower portion of your bicep muscle. This exercise adds fullness to the lower portion of the muscle.

  1. Use regular preacher bench, hold a dumbbell with an underhand grip and lock elbow firmly in place in an extended position while sitting on the bench.
  2. Slowly curl the dumbbell up, trying to touch the shoulder.


Biceps curl can be performed in a number of ways like standing with dumbbells (both hands curling or alternating), one arm resting on inner thigh as with the concentration curl, preacher curl variations (including the one arm version featured in this article) and seated with dumbbells. It is the greatest biceps exercise ever.

How to Perform?

  1. Hold the bar with a shoulder-width grip (Note: E-Z Curl Bar can also be used for this exercise). Make sure that your arms are straight towards the floor. Lock elbow an inch from your sides.
  2. While keeping you elbow fixed and back straight, curl weight toward the chest (as close as possible).
  3. Lower the weight as slowly as you can for a full stretch.


It is another effective exercise as it lets you gain a full range of arm motion while getting a full stretch at the biceps’ long head. It is recommended to use a lighter weight than curl bar for this exercise. It is important to keep in mind because it will give you amazing pump.

How to Perform?

  1. Lay back on an inclined bench with two dumbbells. Arms should be stretched back and down.
  2. Lift the dumbbells up with both hands at same time. You can also life one dumbbell at a time.
  3. Slowly lower dumbbells and get back to the start position.


It is not strictly a biceps exercise, but still, it will develop the brachialis, give an amazing size pump to the biceps area.

How to Perform?

  1. Place the palms in a neutral position and keep elbows fixed at the side of the body
  2. Lift the dumbbells up.
  3. Lower dumbbells slowly and keep repeating.


  • 1. Avoid Overtraining The Biceps
  • 2. Aim For Size And Shape Will Follow
  • 3. Keep Form Strict
  • 4. Train Biceps Independently
  • 5. Warm-Up Properly

To avoid any injury it is suggested to stretch for few minutes and complete at least one set of 15-20 repetitions with a weight of around 50 % of your working weight.