7 Epic Wedding Fails – Became The Worst Nightmare For These Soulmates

Wedding day moments are meant to be cherished forever. Every moment of the wedding is treasured by the couple for a lifetime and thus no couple would ever wish to face wedding fails on their big day. Whether intentionally or accidentally, mistakes do happen which spoil the aura of the wedding. Here, I am sharing some awkward wedding photos that will make you say WTF.

Check out these epic fails of the wedding day.

1) One of the most embarrassing wedding-fails!

Who would dare to eat such a horrible wedding cake?

2) Funny photobomb!

This picture appears to be a decent wedding photo until you check the background.

3) What the hell is this priest up to!

The furious expressions of a priest made this picture an extremely awkward wedding photo in this list.

4) OMG!

Does this groom really wanna kill the bride?

5) Funny wedding day moments.

Don’t you think this couple chose an insane prop for the occasion?

6) Insane couple throwing chicken instead of flowers in the air.

7) Hungry bride!

This bride can’t resist her craving before the wedding.