Whatsapp is an incredible instrument to stay in contact with our shut ones. It is a standout amongst the most utilized applications over the globe at this moment. One can voice all and video call through Whatsapp with individuals at whatever time. 

It was at first discharged on Symbian with the main objective of making discussions free of cost between individuals. Lastly, they have accomplished their objective. It can interface us anyplace around the globe. We can converse with our companions, family, associates and so on without spending anything. 

It has supplanted telephone calling and messaging in genuine terms. Individuals these days utilize Whatsapp calling and messaging administrations regularly.

Fun Begins Now!! 

1. Drinking Susu.

2. Die hard pervert!

3. Betrayed by his friend

4. Oops! Whatsapp’s autocorrect

5. OMG! Another example