Everyone’s curious to know about them self and there are a number of things nobody knows about themselves. There are many ways to tell about your personality like eyes, hands, face, fingers, etc. By just looking and reading at them, one can know a lot. But your lips can tell a lot of hidden secrets about your nature, identity, health and personality and the way that other people see you. The shape of your lips and your character are inter-connected.

Here we are sharing the information in this article about how to analyze your lips.

1. Wide Lips


Girls, let me tell you, if you have your mouth outstretched, you are one of dynamic, outgoing kind of a person in the world. Such girls are full of life, sociable and connected with too many people with many different interests. Their first priority is others besides them and is a type of nurturing person. Apart from that, they are passionate too. Oftenly, they are successful, talented and great perfectionists.

2. Low-Angles Lips


Also known as downward-turned lips, these lips are basically the lips with corners that are low and look drooping downwards. People having such lip shape are withdrawn, private and thoughtful. Sometimes, they are mysterious. Such persons are critical to deal with creating a panic in the general public to stay them far off.

3. Full Lips


If you have fuller lips, you look attractive and stunning. Women having full lips may be a little emotionally immature, courageous and self confident.

4. Small Lips


They are also termed as Round lips. Such lips looks like a button. Females with such type of lips as compared to the rest of your facial features, are sweet-natured and noble persons. Such people are charming and a type of happy-go-lucky person. They are adventurous, loves to explore and are a kind of rebel and flirty.

5. Thin Lips


With such type of lips, your mouth appears to be small even if it is actually wide. Women will thin lips are actually loners. They are kind-hearted, practical and independent but sometimes they are shy and reserved revealing a sense of insecurity. Their sensible nature drives them to success.

6. Heart-Shaped Lips


If a person is having full lips with an enlarged cupid’s bow, your lips are heart-shaped. They are creative, bold and independent. They are able to express their opinions. Their enthusiasm, elegance and endurance are signs of their romantic side. They are a perfect fit into glamour.