Is He The Darkest Baby Boy On Earth – & Why Would It Even Matter?

darkest child

Now is the time to play, favourite game of today’s “Internet Social trend”: Is It Real? Do you know how it works – someone just uploads a post or a news story or a video & then the rest of Instagram or Facebook spend a whole number of hours trying to just figure out if it’s legitimate, or if its just so much click bait. From shocking number of views of news about “African mall” to the story of Santa Claus giving birth to a dying child, we all get suckered into this eventually dynamic, hypothetical mindset.

Why All The Fuss About Dark Skin?


I just don’t understand this, why all the fuss? Whats difference out there? Ok, you gotta fair skin? I gotta dark skin. Deal. Any difference? Do I instantly became less privileged in nature?

There’s Nothing Wrong With This

nothing wrong with dark skin

To that extent, here we are presenting you a story of a little South African boy, who just came across on the internet and someone is even claiming him the world’s “blackest.” Or “darkest.” Or you could also go a step far to describe him as the only child with more melanin than anyone else. He is getting described as opposite of an albino. He is pitch as coal and, naturally, that particularly means in our supposedly post-racial world that we need to discuss his fckuing skin color.

Or This

dark skin

On one side, if this is indeed a real rue story, it’s not seems to be very important or intriguing one. After all, there are different people all over planet, from different ethnicity and nationalities. They can claim to be as “colorful” as this child. We have all seen them, & to be true, there’s not really anything unusual I found about them. Skin can be almost any color, its GOD given.

Or Even This

black girl

All Colors Are Beautiful

all colors are beautiful

Can you imagine your dresses if there would not be any BLACK color? May be you could, but sorry, I can’t. Because I have a set of my favorite colors. Wanna know? They are : pitch black, Z-black, grey black, Dark black, Dot-black…. and the list goes on.

But if this is whole lie, you have to ask, then why? Oh sure, some stupid site out there is making their bank on a mere idea after getting sure that you’re seeing some kind of human anomaly on their exclusive site, but as we established before, there are a lot of individuals out there who can claim a similar look. Not only this, these images are meant to cause a full controversy, to get some tongues wagging in good – and, of course, very bad – ways. So whats your opinion? Fact? Or fiction?

Here’s A Video With Complete ‘Information’ :