Watch How These People React When They Get The “Hey I’m Pregnant!” Text

Its obvious for people to freak out if caught doing something wrong. Or, if we talk about getting “pregnantMost of us freak out instantly if get text of our partner getting pregnant, while some of those “humorous” creatures replied it with super-witty comebacks. We have collected similar SUPERCASTIC replies, check them, they are funny as hell :

1. Will I Be A Deadbeat Father? 

block the number

2. The Subscriber (Father) Gone Unreachable..

out of coverage area

3. This Guy Tried Becoming A Stranger ASA He Got The Text :


4. Text Sent To Dad Instead Of “Babe” 😀


5. It’s OK to get, if you’re 25?

oh my dAD

6. This Text Got Awkward Real Fast, Rubbish Dad 😛

baby without father

7. Daddy Just Cares About The Cha-Ching 😉


8. I Mean, How Can You Hate Bacon? 

how can you hate bacon

9. Boy! That Escalated Rather Quickly :O

sister pregnant

10. I Mean, Isn’t It Obvious How To Get ‘P’?

unicorn did