6 Beautiful Apple iOS-10 Hidden Features That Might Surprise You

It seems fascinating to me that how people go crazy for that single name == i-phone. But, undoubtedly it has been one of the best smartphone that everyone wishes to have. From the smooth interface to build quality and features, it stands out and blows the mind of smartphone users.

Recently Apple has launched their latest iOS 10 with few amazing features and theme modifications along with 3D touch read receipts. So, let’s reveal top 6 hidden features of new iOS-10 :

1. Messages contains built-in Image:


Chat lovers, you may now want to delete all of those apps of gif keyboard because now and animated image can be searched directly within the Messages app in the new iOS-10.

2. Selective Read Receipts:


Now, i-phone users can have control in deciding their read receipts, that too on contact to contact basis. It gives more control over your privacy.

3. Auto-Download Albums Will Get Added to Apple Music:


Now you can keep all your favorite music on the go with you, already. As, in iOS-10 all auto-downloaded albums (obviously when you’re connected to wi-fi or mobile data) will get added to Apple Music.

4. Pause and Control Downloading apps:

apple iphone

i-phone users can now prioritize their installations with the help of this feature. Apps getting downloaded can be paused, moved up and down as when to download particular app and also they can be queued into our desired order.

5. 3D Touch Control Center:

3D Touch Control Center

3D Touch can be now used on the bottom row of app icons to invoke newly added different actions. This is coolest feature of iOS-10.

6. Share Notes Together:

share notes in iphone

Now notes in i-phone can be easily shared with your friends and co-workers. So, start saving and noting down the important things along with sharing feature with your loved ones.