Father and daughter share a relation that can’t be explained in words. Most dads are not men of many words, yet they have the ability to say so much with just a warm hug and stern stare. Our dads have always been the source of our strength. They are the first superhero for their children.

It is not possible to pen down all emotions one has about his father, but a cartoonist tried to portray it. He portrays his role as a father in the best possible way and every father can relate to it. Check out his amazing work.

Note: This comic strip is work of Yannick Vicente.

No matter how time-consuming it is for them, but they can do your hair in best possible way.


We don’t always ask the easiest questions.


Come what may, they are always there to catch us.


Their selfless and unconditional love.


Thank you, dad. I love you.

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