There is hardly any person who sleeps in random positions. There’s always a specific pattern or position in which we all sleep (most of the time). Do you know, that these sleeping position reveals a lot of secrets about your personality?

 The guys at SUPERCASM have today compiled a few important points worth reading which tells about the different secrets, which are revealed by the sleeping position of women. Check out :

#1 Sleeping Freefall

freefall sleepThere’s a sleeping pattern in which we have nap on out stomach with our hands tucked under the pillow. This position says that the person in of welcoming personality and a bit sensitive sometimes. These people are said to be outgoing and are believed to make quick decisions. They can sometimes be harsh and don’t like to be criticized.

#2 Fetal Position

fetal position sleep habit

Almost 41% people sleep in this position, being the most common position of sleep. This position is known as fetal position because in this position you resemble to a fetus in mother’s womb. With lying on its side with the legs curled up towards chest. If you are also one of these, it may be concluded the you are a bit rough around the edges. But you also have a hidden sensitive side, which requires protection.

#3 Log Position

side loggersThis position is ranked highest among all. People sleeping in log position sleep on one side with their arms and legs straight down. Sometimes they put arms under the pillow for comfort.

These people are generally trustable, social and easy-going.

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