This Is What It Really Means If You Have Dimples In Your Cheeks

The dimple on the cheeks makes the face look more expressive and adorable. Apparently, only 20% of the population has these small holes on their face, whilst 80% of us have to look at them.

But have you ever wondered why some people have dimples while other not? And what does it really mean if you have dimples on your cheeks?

Let’s find the answer to these questions and know more interesting facts about dimples.

Fact #1: Dimples, in fact, are a facial muscle deformity.

Yes, dimples are actually a type of deformity. But never mind because many people are paying good money to get this deformity.


Fact #2: The Dimple Machine

In 1936, an American lady named Isabella Gilbert invented the dimpling machine. This machine consists of a face-fitting frame and two tiny knobs which press against your cheek to give people a fine set of dimples.


Fact #3: Around 60% Of Hollywood Stars Have Dimples.


Dimples Are Associated With Eternal Youth

Dimples make you look younger as you age.

Dimples Means Good Luck And Prosperity

In many cultures, the dimple is considered a sign of good luck. So, it is good to take a friend with dimples to a casino.


It’s All In The Genes

Dimples are a generic trait. So, if you are planning to give that dimple machine a try, please don’t.


But If You Have Dimple, You Are More Sexually Attractive

Yes, dimples make you are expressive, people love to watch your face while you are talking. And if people notice your face more, then they might find you attractive.