Almost all of the average budget cars have the similar appearance without much difference. It is quite hard to differentiate them and not everyday we see an average budget car that has some “personality” enough to get a second look apart from a few odds with customized quotes or catchy phrases. They all comes in generic colors and vary in sizes, thats all.

Folks at “Bored Panda” did something interesting a couple of weeks ago. They asked their users to upload the most creative cars they have ever seen and the response was outstanding. From colorful dashboard to doodled cars, there were brilliantly done affordable customizations. Take a look at SUPERCASM’s top picks among those :

1. Easy & Smart Way To Hide A Dent

hide car dent

Getting a dent on your car is common in now a days heavy traffic and packed roads. But it is very costly to get it removed. Here is an easier and affordable trick to at-least “hide” it smartly. 😉

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger wiper flex :

car wiper

Now, let Arnold Schwarzenegger handle the wiping for your car 😉

3. When it’s cold outside:

when its cold

You should take care of you little jaguar in this way, when its freezing cold outside..!

4. Disney and Pixar fest:

disney and pixar fest

5. BB8 rolling around town:

bb8 rolling

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