15 Hilarious Differences Between High School And College

These posters depict the difference between college life and high school life very hilariously. Check out these relatable posters.

Skipping The Class.

You might get to skip class in college whenever you want, except now you have to pay for it!


When Being Popular Actually Mattered.

A high school is a place where being popular actually mattered. College? No one cares.


Paying For Books.

Unlike high school books, college books are going to cost an arm and a leg. Literally.


College is not all about fun.

No, really, getting good grades is actually a big deal in colleg. College kids know how to have fun, but they also know how to study hard!


Endless parties.

Remember when I said college kids know how to have fun? They really do.


Sleeping Students.

Falling asleep in high school make you the coolest student in class. Falling asleep in college will cost you precious time and money.


College is almost like high school, except everything is backward.


College is a place is where you learn studying is actually necessary.