Here’s Why There’s A Tiny Hole Next To Your iPhone 7 Camera

iPhone means having a marvelous piece of technology where every feature has been carefully planned. There is nothing by chance in this handheld masterpiece. And when you think you have figured out each and everything in the phone, there is still a component you don’t know about the iPhone.

This element was introduced in iPhone with the release of iPhone 5. It is a small hole at the top of the case on the back. Most users assume this tiny hole at the back is a reset button. But when you touch it, nothing happens. So, is it trivial thing?

No, it is not there accidentally, it has a particular function. Know about this feature here:

When the iPhone 5 was released, it came with many different features and a tiny hole at the back is one of them.

The hole is right in the middle, between lens and flash.


Is it a reset button?

No, it is not a reset button. In fact, it is not a button at all.


It is a microphone.

This back microphone is one of the three microphones in the mobile.


Why three microphones?

Having more than one microphone allows audio coming from different directions. It simply means users get better sound coverage.


An internal processor removes all unnecessary sound to give user crisp and clear sound.

This microphone in back helps Siri to understand language, improve video call experience, etc.


Where are the other two microphones?

Aside from the back, the other two are located at the bottom of the phone and the front. All these microphones work to provide a clear sound at the other end.


Latest iPhone support Wideband audio technology.

Wideband audio technology allows sound spectrum to be the closest and truest human speech range.


The advancements to the iPhone just keep getting cooler!

We bet you are going to be checking out your iPhone’s microphones after reading this.