Every year Forbes rank the highest paid actors all over the world. Last year 2015, Robert Downey Jr was the highest paid actor of the year with total earning of USD 80 million. In 2014, again it was Rober Downey Jr with total earning of USD 75 million who took the top spot in the list of highest paid actors of the year.

Top 10 Highest Paid Actors Of 2016 Are : 

1. Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Douglas Johnson (The Rock), 44, has been ranked 1st in Forbes list 2016 with an earning of USD 64.5 million which is almost double than 2015. It makes him the highest earner of the year. Last year, he was on rank #2 in this list.

Firstly he was a WWE wrestler from 1996-2004 and now he’s a semi-retired wrestler, currently working with WWE only. He also won The Royal Rumble of 2000. 

Dwayne started his career in his first leading role in The Scorpion King 2002. He was the first actor to get USD 5.5 million for his first starring movie. Johnson became the star with his greatest success in The Fast and Furious movie series. He produced the most famous TV series The Hero, a reality show, through his own production company Seven Bucks Productions. 

2. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, 62, got 2nd rank with total earning of USD 61 million. According to Forbes, his last years net worth was USD 350 million. In 2015, his total earning was USD 50 million and ranked #2. Jackie chan is also a great film director and singer.

Jackie Chan’s first Hollywood movie was The Big Brawl, 1980, and The Cannonball Run, 1981. In his 1980’s Hong Kong movie The Young Master, he broke the previous box office record set by Bruce Lee and became the new top star of Hong Kong.  

3. Matt Damon


Matt Damon, 45, ranked #3 in this list of highest paid actors of 2016 with estimated earning of USD 55 million. He earned the highest dollar from his movie The Martian, a huge success at box office. He’s also a film producer and screenwriter. He was also nominated for two British Academy Film Awards.

He’s also known for his continuous starring roles in Jason Bourne movie series. He also got Oscar nominations for Best supporting actor and Best actor for The Martian.

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4. Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise, 54, got #4 rank in this year’s highest paid actors Forbes list with estimated earning of USD 53 million. Last year, he was at #6 rank with total earning of USD 40 million in this list.

He’s an amazing American actor and producer. Tom Cruise’s first movie in leading role was Risky Business, 1983 and came in highlights with his action drama movie Top Gun, 1986.

Tom Cruise earned highest dollars from his ultimate movie series Mission Impossible (1996-2015). This movie series grossed almost USD 2.8 billion globally. His last movie was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and upcoming movie is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

5. Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp, 53, at #5 rank in Forbes list 2016 with total earning of USD 48 million. He made his highest dollars from The Pirates of Caribbean movie series. He’s also a producer and musician. Depp has been listed in 2012 Guinness World Records as the highest paid actor. His  movie Alice in Wonderland grossed USD 1 billion globally.

His fantastic acting in The Pirates of Caribbean films was the greatest commercial success which grossed USD 3 billion globally.

6. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence, 26, ranked #6 in Forbes list 2016 with estimated earning of USD 46 million. She’s also the highest paid Hollywood women for the second consecutive year. 

She’s well known for her marvelous acting in Hunger Game series and X-Men series. Her movies has earned over USD 5 billion globally. She came in highlights after her supporting role in Garden Party, 2008. 

Jennifer’s last movie was X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 and upcoming movie is Passengers going to release in December 2016. 

7. Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck, 44, ranked #7 in Forbes 2016 list of highest paid actors of the year, with estimated earning of USD 43 million. Last year, his total earning was USD 35 million but Forbes rank was same#7. He’s an American actor and also a filmmaker. 

Ben’s latest movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice bring him the highest annual paycheck yet. This movie earned over USD 870 million globally. His latest movie is Suicide Squad 2016 and upcoming movie is Live by Night 2017. 

8. Vin Diesel 


Vin Diesel, 49, ranked #8 this year with total earning of USD 35 million. Last year 2015, Diesel was ranked #3 with gross earning of USD 47 million. He’s an American actor, director and producer. 

He got his highest earning from The Fast and Furious series. Diesel’s last movie was The Last Witch Hunter, 2015 and upcoming movies are XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, 2017. 

9. Melissa McCarthy 


Melissa McCarthy, 46, ranked #9 in this year’s Forbes list of highest paid actors with total earning of USD 33 million. She’s an American actress, writer and producer. She is famous for her tremendous acting in Ghostbusters and Spy.

Spy earned around USD 235 million worldwide. She came into acting with a television series Gilmore Girls (2000-2007). Melissa’s latest movie is Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, 2016 and upcoming movie is Life of The Party, 2018.

10. Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan, 50, ranked #10 in Forbes list of highest paid actors of the year with estimated earning of USD 33 million. He’s an amazingly talented Bollywood Star with latest hit movie Dilwale, 2015, which has grossed over USD 55 million globally. This was his second highest grossing movie after Chennai Express.  

Shah Rukh has started his acting career with a television show Dil Dariya. His latest movie is Fan, 2016 and upcoming movie will be Raees, 2017.